Our fan systems are plug and play, they are also expandable. You can safely add up to 4 fans using 1 power supply.

We manufacture the mounts and the mount holders in our home using our 3D printer.

  • They are made from PLA plastic. Through extensive research we have found that PLA is the safest material to use for animals since it is made from corn oil.
  • All of the air intake and vent openings are less than 2mm wide so they are safe for most small animals. They can't fit in the opening.
  • The magnets used are neodymium rare earth magnets that can hold the fans securely through 1/4 inch thick glass. We cover them with 6 year vinyl (the same material that car window stickers are made of) to prevent corrosion.
  • We do NOT manufacture the fans themselves. We do however cover them with the same vinyl and add silicone to the opening where the power cord is to help keep moisture out.
  • We do Not manufacture the power supplies or the pigtail extensions.