We are a husband and wife team committed to the hobby of frogs, small reptiles and fish. Being long time reptile and frog enthusiasts, we became members of several reptile/frog forums. We have noticed that the question about fans continuously comes up in conversations.
    The number 1 complaint is condensation and a musty odor from enclosures. The only way to help that is with air circulation, particularly fans.
    The main questions arising with this subject are:
  1. How do we mount them?
  2. What about the noise pollution?
  3. What do I do about this unsightly fan hanging down into my enclosure?
  4. How do you keep small animals safe from the spinning fan blades?
  5. How do you safely add enough plugs to run everything that needs to be ran in my enclosures?
    While working a full time job, nurturing our children and grandchildren and taking care of our elderly parents we started to do some serious brainstorming.

Idea #1: Find a fan that is quiet and also low profile.So we researched several different types of fans to find ones that are low profile and also quiet (as quiet as a fan can be anyways).

Idea #2: Figure out how to securely mount a fan inside an enclosure that is easy for most anyone to do.

Idea #3: Figure out how we can add multiple fans to 1 power supply.

    With Ideas in mind and fans in hand we purchased a 3D printer. Took a crash course in design with the help from our son. Then voila, we had a working prototype.
We developed a fan system that is:
  • Can easily be installed by most people using magnets. This way you can move them around to get the optimum air flow for your enclosure.
  • Ultra quiet
  • Low profile
  • Safe for most small animals. The mount protects most small animals from getting to the fan blades.
  • Expandable. You can safely add up to 4 fans using one power supply. You can put them all in the same enclosure or you can put them in separate enclosures.

    For over a year we conducted and documented routine tests in our vivariums. This would offer us the assurance of knowing the capability of each unit as well as the endurance.
    We then began the patent process.
    We started selling them on the forums that we are members of. We generated a lot of interest in our fan system.
    Sales have been doing so well that we decided it was time to open a store.